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Advanced private message system
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May-30-2006 04:12

I'd like to have a better private messaging system.

Set up like a single page with all PM functionalities. For this page to have it's own tab, or a link in your own detective bio. It's like a small email client for priviate messages in here.

On the page you see:
Inbox, outbox, archive, trash, compose message.

Contains all your messages, and you can see which ones are read and which ones are not.

Contains the messages you sent yourself.

containts the messages you wanted to save (like we already have.)

Keeps trashed messages for a designated amount of time, after which they will get purged.

Compose message:
You can either type in the detective name, or do a quick search based on part of the detective name. You can keep your own address book. Or everybody you have sent a message in the last weeks is listed in a drop down. And there is a drop down for you to choose from that contains all the detectives currently online.

Each PM has a link to a persons detective profile to it.

PMs still pop up when you are online, and you can do a quick reply in a little window. (And the message will also show up in your in + outbox etc)

If you are not online, you just get a pop up that says you have private messages, so you know you need to go to your detective page.

It may be a good idea to have this advanced PM system available to subsribers. And unsubbed to keep the current PM system.

A few bugs in the current system should be ironed out.
1. The spyce exceptions.
2. Sometimes when I have a lot of PMs, I see the first message flash before my eyes to already see the second one in front of me and the first one getting lost.


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

May-31-2006 16:33


What would be the point of a seperate Archive, if you don't need to delete messages from your inbox. Couldn't you just leave them in the InBox?

I agree, the current messaging system is good for quick messages and replies between two people who are currently on, but it sucks when trying to communicate more complicated messages, or if the people are not both online at the same time. It also causes technical difficulties because almost all browsers block popups by default.

There are advantages to moving to an Inbox/Outbox type system, but it could be difficult to do a hybrid between the two, like you suggest: If you are logged on when a message is sent, it automatically pops up, but if you are not logged on, it is only available through the inbox.

I have an idea of a little different way to combine the two systems. I'll put my thoughts together on the matter, and post back here later, once I have a good way to describe my idea.

Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Feb-8-2007 06:55

Dredging up old threads is fun, and this one is on a topic I would love to see implemented.

I would really like an inbox/outbox type system. And perhaps those nice little check boxes next to the messages so we can delete more than one at a time.

Hawkeye Harris
Hawkeye Harris
Battered Shoe

Feb-8-2007 07:17

Good dredge, Arabella! :)

Definitely like the address book idea, also being able to save messages I have sent.

Safety Officer

Feb-8-2007 15:12

Wow I thought it was just me who forgot to answer my correspondence. OK ben it's been 7 months, got a good way to describe that idea yet :D [that excludes the idea, 'bite me Squirrel', by the way]

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