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Shameless Self-Promotion
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May-27-2006 02:11

To any Sleuths hailing in the Greater Chicago area:

I have advanced to the Finals of an annual karaoke contest held by Suburban Nitelife Magazine. On Friday, June 2nd, I will be competing among 40 of the most entertaining singers in the area to win a grand prize of $2,500 cash and a vacation for 2.

Some of you know that I recently got married to fellow Sleuther Kagome_70, and that our son Christopher is due in August. This prize would give us both a much-needed honeymoon and a leg up in preparing for our first child.

To that end, I ask ANY and ALL Sleuths near Chicago to attend the Finals and support my performance. Audience response is a large percentage of the scoring system, and I am hoping to get about 50 people in the crowd, including my friends and family.

The Finals are Friday, June 2nd, starting approx. 7 PM, at the Pyramid Club in Addison. Anyone interested and able to be there please PM me for more detailed information.

PS. We just got into the new house and after a month without internet, Kagome and I are BACK! :)


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jun-4-2006 02:47

*hugs* You still rock our world.

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