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Info. about Skills


May-19-2006 17:44

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knew a site where I could find information about skills, what it allows the detective to do, etc. For example, Hair Analysis allows the detective to find strands of hair on the victim.

If there is no site, maybe a post about the same subject?

Please and thank you! <3


Trelane Rahl
Trelane Rahl

May-19-2006 17:50

There's information on skills, both in the Welcome Newbies post and in the Help section which there's a link to on the top right hand corner.

Trelane Rahl
Trelane Rahl

May-19-2006 18:00

Also there are lots of threads in the Newbie Questions section that might be of some help as well.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

May-20-2006 04:21

The Welcome Newbies post is great and should be ye first port of call. After that check out the Moderator's pick.
There are also a LOT of threads on Skills if you can find if ye search some older player's post history such as checking the Moderator's post history :D.

Good luck and Happy Sleuthing!

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