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Graduation in 14 days! I need your help!
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The Limping Lady
The Limping Lady

May-11-2006 15:34

I'm a senior in high school and so close to graduating... but I still have a homework assignment to do that I need your help with. I have to make a survey of people and what they believe. Is there anyone willing to aswer about ten questions for me? actually, if a could get three people, that would be better. I appreciate any and all help. Thanks!


Inspector Joseph
Inspector Joseph

Dec-7-2008 12:12

Wow! Found one place to say something. Ah! I don't know how I reached here. Let's see, although the thread is old, I wanna write my answers.
1. Yes!
2. I saw the nature, it could not have existed without God creating it.
3. I know God as ALLAH. No one can see ALLAH in this world and no one can imagine how ALLAH is like. Therefore, we don't know.
4. No! Jesus is not son of GOD.
As ALLAH mentions in HIS Holy book: He begetteth not nor was begotten.
We believe Jesus to be son of Mary and a holy prophet of GOD.
5. I believe in GOD, therefore no one else to put faith in.
6. Two types: Life of heaven and the life of hell.
Heaven: peace, love, no mysteries, murders and crimes. No hatred, no fights. Eat and drink whatever you want. Don't wanna move, don't worry, the food will fly to your mouth. And many other things which would take a whole article to explain.
7. By obeying the commandments of ALLAH and following HIS last prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him).
8. I was told all these things by my parents. But seriously, whenever I bow and prostrate in front of ALLAH the exalted, I feel all the burden on me is removed.
9. As a matter of fact, the real name of the book is Injeel which I firmly believe to be the book of GOD but aabout Bible we know that man made many major changes, therefore I cannot accept it as a book from GOD.
10. No answer.
11. If I get a right from law, I would change it into a Masjid (a place to prostrate in front of ALLAH).
Comments: As all these questions are spiritual, I would request those brothers not to mock with these.
Secondly, if these answers satisfy you, then it's the mercy of ALLAH. And if these answers don't satisfy you, then it's all my fault for not explaining well and I apologize and ask ALLAH to forgive me.
May GOD show us allaight path leading to HIS pleasure.

Inspector Joseph
Inspector Joseph

Dec-7-2008 12:32

Ah! Forgot one thing again. One advice to all:
You know the story of Abraham (Ibrahim) peace be upon him.
He denied things like stars, moon and sun to be GOD and prayed something like this: Dispute ye with me concerning Allah when He hath guided me? I fear not at all that which ye set up beside Him unless my Lord willeth aught. My Lord includeth all things in His knowledge. Will ye not then remember? (taken from the transaltion by Pickethall).

See my brothers and sisters, don't argue with anyone or else bith parties get hot (under the collar) slowly and what happens is that what you all solve in random mysteries. Yes! Arguments many a times lead to death. Maybe not yours. But if you make the other person hate you then he/she may not kill nor will their religion people hurt you but they might hurt the people belonging to your religion. Therefore, please avoid mocking eac's religion and respect your brother/sisters.
Thank you very much and more than much if you take this. And one advice to myself, remind me of this frequently please, that is, I should take up this advice before you do but if you take it before me, then you win and I accept your win with pleasure.

Old Shoe

Dec-7-2008 23:56

Well said there, Joseph. I have surprisingly little interest in what you take up to remind you to pleasure yourself. That might be because I don't know where the energizer bunny ends and God begins. Fortunately, I live near a rechargeable church. It gets its power from Gods solar panels, which god had to pay to get installed in his house. Frickin' cable companies are the messiahs now. The messiahs of Go Fish, because we can't remember the rules to better card games.

Story Teller

Dec-8-2008 18:38

like most contemplative texts it is better to let Nat's thoughts wash over you in waves of messianic Jaberwocky until you reach a plane of higher understanding, upon which time euphoria, or nosebleeds, or both, should set in.

Old Shoe

Dec-12-2008 23:32

For legal reasons, I feel like I should say that in the event that you choose to let anything that comes from any part of my body wash over you is something you do at your own risk, and with access to a hazmat suit. Even if it burns.

*pities anyone forced to answer a god survey on prom night). That's a bit like filling out a cookie satisfaction survey on fortune cookie night.

*disclaimer for any young people*

Liking cookies does NOT make you

a) gay
b) a terrorist
c) a girl scout
d) scream "Chips Ahoy" when you see something pretty.

Battered Shoe

Dec-13-2008 00:00

I don't remember a "god" survey on prom night but I do remember a lot of "Oh Gods". I think the only person I was yelling "Ahoy" to was Captain Morgan though. Cookies really didn't have a big role. Probably needed a hazmat suit now that I think about it....

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