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city 5 in 2007
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May-11-2006 14:22 about a 5th city planned for 2007...the players could vote
on a list in 2006...staying with the genre...circa early 20th century
i would propose 5 cities ( not listed in order of preference )...
casablanca (where the bar of course would have to be "Rick's"...or
constantinople ( with the Orient Exspress office in the city )...i
think montevideo ( with the Graf Spree in the harbor as a site )...
and then there is always Cairo ( with the British Officer's Club as
a bar site ) and lastly as a novelty idea....Lhasa, the high city of Tibet
( where the Triad could have a dojo )....any other ideas on this subject ?



May-25-2006 16:17

I like Havana, Macao or St. Petersberg...

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

May-26-2006 05:28

*strats dreaming of Fiji and then realises it would be a bad to Sleuth as she'd be on the beach drinking cocktails all day*

Lucky Stiff

May-26-2006 19:08

Albany? ARA what are you SAYING???

I've been to Albany, there's nothing in Albany but cheap restaurants and motels....hmmm wait thats whats in London too....

I'm with Ara, Albany is def. the way to go...

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