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Stress Detection, Surveillance, Hypnotism, and Lock Picking
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Nehemiah Duke
Nehemiah Duke

May-7-2006 19:46

how does these skills work anyways?

kindly explain me each skills in detail...

sorry for being too demanding! lolz!

thanks a lot! =)


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

May-8-2006 04:23

Unless you're Detective automatically has Stress Detection, it's may be a skill that you REALLY rregret later. It's a lot of points to use on a skill early on when other skills will actually UNCLAM people. Which, as Ben once stated was the most useful thing.

As Ran states, you'll soon learn how many questions you can ask.
As he also states, they're more the advanced detective, (by which stage, Stress Detection is pretty redundant) therefore as a young detective you go for your set of Crime Scene (Smarts) and Interview Skills (Tough or Charming).-Reading the cfm's Welcome Newbie's post will give you more information.

(AND also, hynotism should work better with Charming gear as far as I know... :)

*takes this new newbie question and answers and tacks it on to cfm's Welcome Newbies post*

R Anstett
R Anstett

May-8-2006 11:52

Lopsided grin at Bess, I did that same thing just the other day in a post.

Lock picking vrs Pick Pocketing

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