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cant subscribe!!!
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jai holmes
jai holmes

May-1-2006 12:50

I'm a great fan of this game. Cant have enough of it and 3 mysteries per day aint enough. Unfortunately I'm limited to 3 cause I cant subscribe. Insisting on having to pay through PayPal is strange to me.

It took me a long time to create an account in it. I live in India and Its the first time I heard of such a site.

When I finally did it and was going to get a 2 month's subscription, I was to told become an "Expanded Member" and pay up 1.95$ to Paypal. I mean why should I pay extra money to buy a game which i'm already paying 8$ for? I think if the users want to subscribe after reading that big message by JSTKDN, they should not go through all this trouble and should instead just pay by their international credit cards like so many other sites do.

If the customer is willing to pay money to a site with no guaranteed reliability, the site should also trust the customer and not make him go through sites such as PayPal.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

May-2-2006 05:02

I sent money to Ben and Sunny from Korea... twice.
Except at the Post Offce trying to buy damn stamps, it was sweet as.
Oh and spilling my Latte all over the floor, dammit.
However, the money got there, safe and sound.

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