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This week in sleuthchat
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Apr-25-2006 11:34

What's happening in sleuthchat?

Come hang out with sleuthers from around the world:

(Newbies welcome, as we are getting tired of the old faces. hahah.)



Nov-5-2006 07:02

Hey now, LOT's of stuff happens at SC. For example:

1. Monday Night Football: I can't vouch for how scantily-clas they are, but there ARE cheerleaders...with pom poms...
2. There is always an all you can eat buffett and open bar...well, you have to bring your own food to put in the buffet and your own alcohol to stock they bar, but hey! it's there, right?
3. Fireworks are always on with biggie around.
4. Saturday Night Madness: this one I cannot talk'll have to see for yourself.
5. Sunday Let-It-All-Hang-Out: where everyone knows your name.

Lucky Stiff

Nov-5-2006 20:42

ooh good points Andrea....

to elaborate on the football, we have recently seen an influx of fans watching and trash talking....its a riot, check it out peeps :)


Nov-5-2006 21:23

just went to SC. I LOVE IT. had a great experience. How could I not with some of the greatest sleuth people there. Crunchpatti you have to go. Alright I will admit that I had more than my share of the pizza but biggie made up for it with drinking all the soda. ; ) all in all there was lots of fun and food.

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