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Are there advantages to certain skills?

Laurie Jones
Laurie Jones

Apr-18-2006 15:24

I was wondering before I buy a new skill; are there advantages to certain skills? I mean, are there some pretty useless ones, and really good ones? If there are, could you please tell me the very useful ones? Right now the only skill I can buy is:
Hair analysis

Would you say that Hair Analysis comes in handy?



Apr-18-2006 15:33

*sighs and wishes people would take the time to read the "Welcome Newbies" thread*

You'll want to get basic hair and thread early. In addition, pick either tough or charm...stick with it for your interview techniques and collect those.

Research would also be a top priority, but after basic hair and thread and a decent set of interview skills started.

Laurie Jones
Laurie Jones

Apr-18-2006 15:51

Thanks so much!

lol, about the "Welcome Newbies" thread, I read that just after I posted this thread and felt really dumb when I saw what you said about the hair analysis. :) Sorry about that!

Thanks again!

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