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Dixon, Dixon & Holms P.I. is recruiting!
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Sherlock Holms CPA
Sherlock Holms CPA

Apr-14-2006 00:13

NOTE: You must be SUBSCRIBED to join an agency!

The mission:
To have fun through actively working on hunts and gaining experience through working together. We believe the fun is to be had in competition with the established big names of our town. And while right now we can only throw stones at them, we hope to be among them soon enough!

About us:
-Conveniently located in New York City
-Immediate promotion to Agent (and therefore access to our equipment locker) upon signing!
-Quick advancement for ACTIVE players!
-Located in a converted bank with the ability to hold SEVEN case files per detective!
-No fixed rent requirements or deposits, no high pressure tactics for rent collection.

So join us! You'll be glad you did! We look forward to hearing from you!

Please post your interest in this thread, after that feel free to PM any director of the agency!

cdixon7306, Dixon Smith & Sherlock Holms CPA;
Founding Directors: Dixon, Dixon & Holms Private Investigators

Note: You must be SUBSCRIBED in order to join an agency!



Apr-30-2006 11:52

hey, can i join? i sent you a pm but you didn't respond..... but can i join?

Louis Concordica
Louis Concordica

Apr-30-2006 15:45

I'd love to join! Please pick me. (I have access to a treasure with the order of socrates so I need an agency)!

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