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Welcome Newbies....
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Apr-9-2006 22:34
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If you wish to enjoy the adventure of figuring out this game on your own, DO NOT read the rest of this post.

If you are too lazy to read through a page or two of threads to see if your question has already been asked a zillion times, then PLEASE read this first!

Welcome to Sleuth, and your new addiction.  There is no cure, so just accept it and enjoy it! Here are a few tips and hints that you should find helpful, and are among the FAQ of the newbie boards.

First, a great place to FIND ANSWERS and cool history threads about Sleuth is in the Moderator Picks Board. The Mods have picked out their favorite bits and made them easy to find. In addition to personal favorites, try looking over the Newbie FAQ. This can be found on the bottom of most pages as a tiny little grey link. Also the Help file at the upper right of most screens is packed with little useful tidbits.

HOW DO I SOLVE a case? First off…we recommend that you try the tutorial found on the front of the case page. It won’t count against your daily caseload, and it will give you an idea of how the game works. It’s not set up to walk you through the most efficient course through the game, but to show you how the game works, leaving you to find your own strategy. The following formulas will help you find your murderer.

PE+Fake/"none of your business" Alibi=guilty
WE+Fake/"none of your business" Alibi=guilty
2 WE = guilty

PE=Physical Evidence WE=Witness Evidence

Having a clammed suspect that will not give you an alibi is not the same as a fake/none alibi.



Sleuth About Town

Apr-30-2008 16:58

1. Is stress detection skill useful? Some have found it useful, some have not.
2. Is there any equipment that I can USE and they aren't just improving my stats? as an unsubscribed member, you'll just have to do favors in hopes to get better equipment. When you subscribe, many agencies would be happy to help you with better equipment.
-> 3. Where can I find my stats? On your detective page, there would be everything you need to know.
4. I heard that there are 4 WE-s per case, 2 fake-2 valid. Is that right? Not necessarily. You can have more than 2 WE per case. But, the guilty suspect always has 2 pointed to them.
5. Can more than 1 suspect be killed in a random mystery? I haven't found a random mystery that has more than one suspect die... but when you advance enough, there will be a suspect who dies and a suspect who flees.
->6. And in featured ones? The Featured Mysteries are written by players such as yourself and myself. They create mysteries to their liking. The number of suspects who die and flee are up to the author.
7. Once I started a case, my client gave me 2 names. I talked with the first then a twist came (the one when someone throws a knife upon you in the street), and the only suspect whom I visited earlier had a fake alibi. I accused him and he was the murderer. Were I lucky or this can be used as method? You were lucky. That's not always the case. The twists are for mere reading. The ones you should be concerned about are the faction twists (one with the lady and the magnifying glass) and the one with the police twist (occasionally adds a suspect who you don't already have, however doesn't add a motive).
8. How is it displayed when I have a contact? In you Detective page, there will be a section that lists your contacts.
9. (seriously) If a suspect has a foolish motive (the Best Friend hated the victim etc.), can he/she still be the killer? Yes, s/he can still be the killer, in fact, any of them can be.


Sleuth About Town

Apr-30-2008 17:00

10. If the client is the murderer in a featured mystery, will I get money? Off hand, I don't remember, but I do know that if you have the skill for it, you won't have to worry about not getting paid for the guilty clients in any case.


May-1-2008 01:56

Thanks for the answers!
(Now I'll stop for a while :D)


May-1-2008 11:28

Err...or not. *feels embarrassed but know that opening a topic for that would be foolish*

If I can choose from (I will soon be able, at least) Lock Picking and Pick Pocketing, which one should I choose then?

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

May-1-2008 11:34

My personal choice would be lockpicking because between the two that what one can make your cases easier.

Lock picking allows you to enter up to 2 peoples homes and find either the alibi of the person or the people they suspect.

Pick pocketing will allow you to collect the money when your client turns out to be the guilty party.


May-1-2008 11:39

Oh, and I read that "normal skills should be bought before faction skills, except Pugilism".

*points to the first pages of the thread and cries: "I read them!"*


May-1-2008 13:33

So Pick Pocketing isn't good for anything else?
(I've read through the WHOLE thread! Congratulate me! *bows towards the 4 walls*)

Errr...a new question:
Is it sure that I'll find the PE what points to the guilty suspect on the crime scene?

(Note: I think lilangel misunderstood my questions number 2/10 and 3/10. May I rewrite them?

2. Can I use equipment for anything? (FI as skills.) Or they're just stat improvers? (just to know what I'm thinking about: e.g. minigame?)

3. Where can I find my STATS? I only found my Adjustments.

Thanks again for your absolute politeness. I know it's hard to continously answer such an amount of questions for 2 years (and later this will just grow.)

So: Thanks all of you for the helping!

Sleuth About Town

May-1-2008 13:53

So Pick Pocketing isn't good for anything else? No. It's not.

Is it sure that I'll find the PE what points to the guilty suspect on the crime scene? If you find all the PE at the crime scene, then yes, one of them will point toward the guilty suspect.

2. Can I use equipment for anything? (FI as skills.) Or they're just stat improvers? (just to know what I'm thinking about: e.g. minigame?) The equipment you wear are only to help improve your chances of the skills to work.

3. Where can I find my STATS? I only found my Adjustments. Depending on what Stats you want... the Adjustments are based on the equipment you're wearing, the number of cases you've done, quit, and falsely accused, as well as the number of scripted mysteries done are also listed on your detective page. The skills you have are listed there as well. As far as the stats for the chances of skills working on particular suspects and townies is another skill you would need. That would be judge of character, which is a charm skill.

Lucky Stiff

May-1-2008 20:51

Just to clarify about the PE...
If you have hair analysis and thread analysis, you will find all PE at the scene. If you find all the PE, then one will definitely point to the guilty suspect


May-4-2008 15:59

No new comment?????????

Well, there is one (I didn't find the topic about Books):
When I get a book, then I get xp for it. Are these xp-s bring me skillpoints too?

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