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Welcome Newbies....
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Apr-9-2006 22:34
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If you wish to enjoy the adventure of figuring out this game on your own, DO NOT read the rest of this post.

If you are too lazy to read through a page or two of threads to see if your question has already been asked a zillion times, then PLEASE read this first!

Welcome to Sleuth, and your new addiction.  There is no cure, so just accept it and enjoy it! Here are a few tips and hints that you should find helpful, and are among the FAQ of the newbie boards.

First, a great place to FIND ANSWERS and cool history threads about Sleuth is in the Moderator Picks Board. The Mods have picked out their favorite bits and made them easy to find. In addition to personal favorites, try looking over the Newbie FAQ. This can be found on the bottom of most pages as a tiny little grey link. Also the Help file at the upper right of most screens is packed with little useful tidbits.

HOW DO I SOLVE a case? First off…we recommend that you try the tutorial found on the front of the case page. It won’t count against your daily caseload, and it will give you an idea of how the game works. It’s not set up to walk you through the most efficient course through the game, but to show you how the game works, leaving you to find your own strategy. The following formulas will help you find your murderer.

PE+Fake/"none of your business" Alibi=guilty
WE+Fake/"none of your business" Alibi=guilty
2 WE = guilty

PE=Physical Evidence WE=Witness Evidence

Having a clammed suspect that will not give you an alibi is not the same as a fake/none alibi.




Sep-28-2007 01:07

thanks alot for the clarification arabella

are you a administrator?

Pinball Amateur

Sep-28-2007 01:18

She's a veteran player, meaning she's been here several years, Stone, so she knows what she's talking 'bout. We have two Administrators, Ben (aka Sleuthadmin), and Sunny. There's also a slew of Moderators and Editors roaming round the place. ;-)

Pinball Amateur

Sep-28-2007 01:32

Arabella's also one of our distinguished Mods. Sorry bout that, Arabella! ;-)


Sep-28-2007 02:17

ok thanks

i just had a case where my fake alibi suspect accused my none alibi suspect and at the same time the none alibi suspect accused the fake alibi suspect and the rest are all clamped ...can a case like this happen when a WE accuse a WE and get accused at the same time?

if you are in this condition how do you solve the case?


Sep-29-2007 18:30

I think you are confusing a "none of your business" alibi with someone who you don't have an alibi for.

A "none of your business" alibi is essentially the same as a fake alibi, when applied to the formula. But not KNOWING the alibi is something you can't count on.

As Arabella said, there will not be witness evidence against two fake or "none of your business" alibis. It won't happen. ((If you think that it did happen, then you might want to double check your notes.))

You MAY have evidence against someone with a fake alibi and someone that you just can't get an alibi for. All that matters in that situation is that you have evidence against the person with the FAKE alibi. That's your guilty person.


Sep-30-2007 00:06

i just wanted to say that i have a case
where i hav two suspects for example they are named amy and issac.

amy has a fake alibi
issac has a "none of your business alibi"

amy accuse issac leaving the crime scene
issac accuse amy of washing blood of her hands.

all my other witness are clamped
so i can accuse issac or amy right?

because they match the 1 WE + none of your bussiness / fake alibi= guilty
but when i accused amy

they said i was wrong because the real killer was issac
so how does the 1 WE+ none of your bussiness / fake alibi=guilty work?

anyway i lose the case and had a false accusation
i was wondering whether this could happen ?

i have check my case file before accusing
they had shown under the witness evidence section

amy accused issac
issac accused amy

so i am very confused about this


Sep-30-2007 00:50

If that is the case, then its a bug and should be reported, with case name and date, to admin.

That said, I've never seen or heard of a case where that actually happened. Its always a note taking error somewhere. You should only have one bad alibi with evidence against them. All other bad alibis should have nothing pointing to them.

Old Shoe

Sep-30-2007 00:55

Hi stonefish,

You said that you double-checked your case file on this one to make sure about the WE before accusing, which is a great thing to get in the habit of doing. So assuming your eyes weren't deceiving you one of two things is possible:

Either a) you made a note-taking error and Amy's alibi was NOT false. As was mentioned above, this could be because of confusion about the difference between KNOWING that someone is lying and simply not being able to confirm the status of their alibi. This happens a lot when you get everyone clammed up in cases. You would have seen a message at the end of the case saying something to the effect of "Amy had a real alibi", blah blah blah or b) you had a bugged case.

Almost everyone around here has made their share of note-taking boo boos, so I strongly suspect that's what happened. I can understand your confusion, but unless there is something wrong with the structure of the case (really, really rare) the formula always works.

WE+Fake/No alibi = guilty
PE+Fake/No alibi = guilty
2WE = guilty


Sep-30-2007 01:40

hi i was wondering after reading the last thread what do you do when you have a bug case?

i was also wondering which characteristic is the best? smart, charm, tough or a mix?


Oct-8-2007 14:24

I have a question: i notice that some people have their own cool (personalized?) avatars. How do I get one. 'Cause I didn't see the ones you guys have when i first signed up. do the options change or somthin'?

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