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What should I get next?
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Horace Locke
Horace Locke

Apr-9-2006 15:10

I want to know what I should buy next, skills or items.
Here are my stats:

Toughness: 0
Smarts: 1 (Magnifying Glass, which I bought with my own money)
Charm: 2 (Jade Bracelet, from a favor)

Footprint Analysis
Advanced Hair Analysis
Thread Analysis

Order o Socrates: Neutral(0)
Arcanum Brthrhd: Neutral(0)
Cosa Nostra: Neutral(0)
Eastern Triads: Neutral(0)
Circle of Light: Neutral(0)
Green Hand: Neutral(0)


Experience: 250
Archetype: Very Smart
Age: 2 days
Gender: male
Money: $420
Background: Disgraced Doctor

Total Skill Points: 37 (all but 1 are spent)

I was thinking or selling my Jade Bracelet so that I could buy a doctor's bag. How 'bout you?



Apr-9-2006 16:19

afterthought. Smart will really help you down the line, but its less useful in the beginning. Rather, go for skills that will keep your witnesses talking to you. Smart gear is not very useful until you have all your advanced evidence skills. it lets you tell a right handed not from a left handed note - but until you have advanced handwriting, that doesn't matter much. Save that for later.

Horace Locke
Horace Locke

Apr-9-2006 16:20

Thanks a lot! But just a quick question, what good does picking a lock do?

R Anstett
R Anstett

Apr-9-2006 16:26

Locking picking will allow you to find out either Motive or Alibi from two of your suspects.

When you go to visit someone and they are not home, you pick the lock and look through their diary. You will get the information that way.

It saves you two questions per case.

Horace Locke
Horace Locke

Apr-9-2006 16:47

Thanks to both of you!

Horace Locke
Horace Locke

Apr-9-2006 18:06

Another question - If I get something from a favor and I already have my hands full, can I still get the item or must I decline it?


Apr-9-2006 19:28

You'll have to choose which item to sell.

Horace Locke
Horace Locke

Apr-10-2006 14:33

Thanks. I have the research skill but I can't see where to use it. How do you use it?

R Anstett
R Anstett

Apr-10-2006 14:38

When you have your suspect list.

Visit City hall, and go to the hall of records. Research your current case. You will find out that one of the people on your list is not a murderer. That means you do not have to ask them for alibi.

Horace Locke
Horace Locke

Apr-10-2006 15:07

Thanks everybody!!!!! I figured that out right after I typed it in, but still thanks anyway!

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