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Apr-8-2006 18:39

I don't know if there is anything I can do or if i have to quit the case nobody will talk any more and the banker says nethier suspect has the handwriting of the only two supects with no alibi. None of the suspects will talk anymore either. Is there anything else i can do or do i have to quit this case?



Apr-8-2006 18:52

sounds like quittng is safest. If you have all the evidence (you need to get hair and thread analysis to find all the physical evidence) and if the fortuneteller says all the actors are on the stage - then this is one I would graciously take the quit on.

If you still have more suspects to discover (fortuneteller speaks of passing many signposts), ask the townies if they know anything about the case - you might break it open again.

Horace Locke
Horace Locke

Apr-8-2006 18:54

If there is any other evidence (hair, footprint, etc.) get that checked out before you quit the case. Have you discovered all of the suspects? If not, I would probably suggest quitting the case. But if you have...

If you have specific smart skills (handwriting, footprint, hair, etc.) you can use that evidence to narrow down your suspects. It won't work 100% of the time, but if you know whether the hair, handwriting, or footprints are from a right-handed, curly-haired, or heavy person, it can help you a lot. For example, if a note was written by a left-handed person, and you only have one left-handed person, chances are that person is the killer. If you have two of these clues, it's even better. Like if you know the person should be slim and straight-haired, and you only have one suspect who shares both of those qualities, then it's a good chance its them.

Try asking the townspeople if they have heard anything about the case. Sometimes they drop a very vague hint as to who it might be. As a last resort, you can consult the Fortuneteller. It probably won't help at all, but it's worth a shot if you have no choice.

Otherwise, quit the case. There's no harm in that, except you won't get the money.

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