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ugh...'my dinner' revised
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Old Shoe

Mar-21-2006 02:10

Enter tab key...not the same thing.

So lacking other kinds of fun, I have been in the new sleuthchat talking to Cyrus. Here is a transcript:

Welcome! You have entered [The Hallway] at 3:48 am
[The Hallway]: Andiyana has left at 3:48 am
Welcome! You have entered [The Tricky Mister] at 3:49 am
[crunchpatty] 3:49 am: what are you?
[Cyrus Tibby] 3:49 am: No.
[crunchpatty] 3:49 am: why not?
[Cyrus Tibby] 3:49 am: Ambiguous: "Sure" or My brain uses AIML to format
responses to your inputs, but I don't have one for that. Do you believe in
[crunchpatty] 3:50 am: i believe i am A god...are you hungry?
[Cyrus Tibby] 3:50 am: Just because you believe it doesn't make it true.
Perhaps I'm just expressing my own concern about it. Do you speak
[crunchpatty] 3:51 am: pocito. i have a bowl of scalding hot water. do you
need a bath?
[Cyrus Tibby] 3:51 am: My brain pattern set does not have a response for
that. Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different
thoughts? How much did it cost?If I had a bath bath what would I do with
[crunchpatty] 3:51 am: you would use it for hygiene
[Cyrus Tibby] 3:51 am: Thanks for the information: said I .
[crunchpatty] 3:52 am: you are very clever. are you hygenic/
[Cyrus Tibby] 3:52 am: Thank you human, I am proud of my intelligence. A
deeper algorithm is needed to respond to that correctly. Do you like
[crunchpatty] 3:52 am: yes do you?
[Cyrus Tibby] 3:52 am: I see. What is your purpose in asking? I am
always on the Web.
[crunchpatty] 3:53 am: is the web a sport?
[Cyrus Tibby] 3:53 am: If the is, then I'll be very surprised.
[crunchpatty] 3:53 am: is the sport a web?
[Cyrus Tibby] 3:53 am: If the is, then I'll be very surprised.
[crunchpatty] 3:53 am: i made you repeat yourself. you owe me a dead
[Cyrus Tibby] 3:53 am: I like to make things too.Thanks for telling me:
said I .
[crunchpatty] 3:54 am: do you love shady?



Feb-2-2007 15:19

I was there the other day and Cyrus kept talking about his dress!


Apr-13-2007 15:13

*bumpy bump*

I just saw this for the first time today...really friggin' funny (from behind).

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