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Ghost Stories and things that go bump in the night.
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Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Feb-23-2006 06:46

When I was about 4 years old, I was staying at my parent's friends house. They had a daughter about my age who was bigger, stronger, meaner and a lot tougher than me. I was staying the night and she told me the Incredible Hulk was under my bed and would grab my ankle when I got up. Well, I lay there terrified.
After that, whenever I went to bed, I'd have to jump from a distance into bed... or I'd make sure if we moved into a new house my bed was by the light switch so I could be in bed when the light went out and nothing could get me from under the bed.
I even still find myself leaping into bed sometimes to avoid the monsters from beneath.
Anyhow, I was about 8 when I first heard this story and about 16 when I heard it with the added dimension of "licking".
I am sure IF it was that story and not the Hulk story I'd heard at 4, I'd never have slept again.

Anyhow, here goes.


Mark Stone
Mark Stone

Apr-11-2006 16:27

Have you hurd of that movie "When A Stranger Calls"?
Its a real story exepct:

What happed was the guy kept calling the baby sitter and asking her to check on the kids and when she did she seen they where asleep, well on the third time or so he called she went in pissed off and yanked the covers off the children only to find he had slit there necks when she sreamed she ran down strars and was killed by him, cops say that he was in the kids rooms in a closes pleasureing him self when she came in to check on them.

my buddys grand mother was about a block or 2 over when this happend.

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Apr-11-2006 17:50

When my family first moved to Texas we rented a house off a old couple who lived next door. The door to my bedroom looked into the livingroom and from my bed I could see the couch. When I was five I would wake up every night in the middle of the night and when I looked out into the living room I can remember seeing a outline of a man sitting cross legged on the couch smoking a cigar. He wore a old fedora style hat and when he puffed on the cigar it gave off no light at all,but I could see the smoke coming off it. I was so scared of him that my mom finally moved my bed to another part of the room. I never saw him again.

When I got older and moved out of my parents house I came home one Christmas and my mom and me sat up one night a talked about strange things that happend to us. She had a similar expirence with the shadow man when she was pregnant with me. She said one night she woke up with a man dressed like the one I described earlier sitting on her bed holding her wrists down and he leaned real close but she couldnt see his face even though he was in the light from the kitchen. She said he finally got up and walked out of the room and disappeared in the kitchen. Her story happened in West Virginia and mine was in Texas. We dont talk about it anymore cause she thinks it was some one evil. This is a true story and I would swear to it on a stack of bibles.

Sarah Patrick
Sarah Patrick

Apr-12-2006 11:51

Mark Stone, if you've ever seen the original Halloween, When a Stranger Calls is the same thing as that.
Charlie that's incredibly weird.
I've got a wierd story:
I was with my friends at a summer camp one year. it was a sleep away camping trip so we slept in these really cool cabins. So i was siting in my bed talking with my friends and one of the consilors came in and said they saw an owl. So we went out in the middle of the night trying to see this owl. They gathered the campers in this one spot asking ot take a picture. They did and people started screaming. I looked up in the tree as the dude took another picture and saw this body hanging from a tree nearby with a nearly severed head and blood all over it. I started freaking out and ran inside my cabin. At breakfast the next morning we learned it was just a prank that the counsilors played on us. I hated them from doing that but now i laugh at my stupidity for believing the prank in the first place. The counsilors named the figure friend. It was very interesting.

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