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Changes to agenciess
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R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-15-2006 07:27

I think that there needs to be some changes made to how agencies work.

Agencies should serve two purposes.

One to foster community and coperation. Helping new players learn the ins and outs of the game. To make friends and have fun together.

The other is to give us teams to work together in compition. That is defined mostly by the hunts.

To help keep these two aspects in balance I think there should be one large change made to agencies.

During a treasure hunt one of two options.

a - No new detective can join the agency while there is an active hunt. This is the easist to set up from an Admin point of view. It prevents rotations to help out with hunting and will even the playing field for everyone.

b - New detectives can not participate in open hunts. This would be much more fair to everyone because it allows more active movement and recruiting. It would be problematic to implement programing wise I am sure.

I think these changes give us the community spirit of the agencies while at the same time keeping a level playing field for hunting.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Mar-2-2006 16:03

I like the ideas mentioned here.

If a new recruit could not join an open hunt there'd be no agent rotation for hunt purposes. Which would take away any possibility of agencies that do have "satellite" agencies having an advantage in mulit-city hunts.

It would stop the on-going "agent-rotation" debate forever.

Also, if you have a 'capped' number of case files, which I believe was the intention is the first place?, (otherwise, why make a maximum number of case files a detective could store?) then it would stop an agency inviting in detectives, getting them to store the max number of case files, giving them an advantage in home hunts as they'd have acess to more case files than everyone else.

I am not implying any of this goes on, but would mean it could NEVER happen and would take any advantage an agency could use to make the game a less fair playing field.

I don't even think these are changes as such, rather just technically implentment what was oringinally intended.

Please, correct me if I am wrong, this is just my understanding of the situation.
I believe the oringinal intentions were to make it fair by having acapped number of cases that could be saved, eg an agent couldn't save all there cases to do at once and that an agency could only have a maximum number of agents.

I believe this was to make hunts fair and keep a more level playing field.

By technically implementing these ideas, you suceed in keeping those original intentions.


Mar-14-2006 18:44

Let me speak out on this as the voice of the "little guy".

I'm a director of an agency that has been active for just over a week. We have 10 members, and aside from our resident "advisor". the other 9 detectives are all less than a month old. (we recruited that way intentionally to buid our agency "from the ground up").

Now, we have been active in hunts for only a few days, but the impression that I have gotten is that ORGANIZED, COMMITTED agencies solve hunts. We solved our first only 3-4 days in, and would hopefully have solved more if we weren't limited by resources to (realistically) single-city hunts in our home turf.

The argument here is for a change in the game mechanics that make certain agencies' "tactics" in hunt-solving more difficult. I feel that this would serve no purpose but to make things more difficult for agencies in general. Like I said before, it's not the "little tricks" that result in treasures. It's dedication, organization, and management within the agency.

I don't get bothered one bit if a "bigger" agency solves hunts we've been active in. One can assume that mechanics of the game are exploited in those situations by the larger agency to solve the hunt, but honestly, so be it. They found a STRATEGY that works. We have our own way of doing hunts, and it seems to work too.

You put 10 (or 12) detectives in a room and tell them to find a treasure, they'll find it... if they all WANT it bad enough.

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