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Mojo Enterprises
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R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-12-2006 17:59

The time is here to start invitations to Mojo Enterprises.

This is a group effort by several detectives to create a fun, helpful and competitive enviroment for people to participate in.

We welcome you to look over our guidelines, our code of conduct and mission statement.

To show that we want to help everyone we are also posting for the first ime in public some (not all ;) ) of Mojo's hunting guidelines.


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Feb-21-2006 08:35

I'm going to keep this short for now, because we've just gotten home from our trip, and I'm tired, and I have a lot of other things that I need to take care of over the next few days. So, I apologize in advance if I don't immediately make any final decisions about this quite yet.

First of all, thank you everybody for toning down the argument and trying to keep it from getting personal. We're all interested in keeping the game fun and fair, and with that in mind, I'm sure we can figure out whether or not agency alliances have a place in Sleuth.

There are two seperate issues here:
#1 Do alliances give an unfair advantage, and squeeze out smaller agencies or not. and
#2 Will big alliances harm the community by causing to much partisan fighting.

I'm going to just comment on issue #1 for now.

Keep in mind that under the current ruleset, these multicity alliances are only potentially helpful for multicity hunts. Agencies in different cities don't offer any advantage in Single City hunts.

In the last 50 hunts, Mojo Jojo has only only won two hunts (one multi city and one single). None of the other member agencies have won a single hunt. So as of yet, Mojo Enterprises is not the juggernaught that you would assume it would be from reading some of the earlier replies on this thread.

Out of the last 50 hunts, 11 agencies have won at least one:

15 - Eye Spy Investigations
7 - 269 Mokita Blvd.
6 - Moonlighting
4 - The Legion of the Forsaken
4 - Mr. T's
4 - Gibb's Secret Agents
4 - The Guild Of Nine
3 - Gimmeaclue Detective Agency
2 - Mojo Jojo Detective Agency
1 - SMRT Investigations
1 - Golden Eye Investigations2

I don't think that looks like we really have a problem with any alliances dominating the hunts, but maybe I'm unaware of an alliance that does exist between one or more of these agencies.


Feb-21-2006 09:59

lol much for being too good. :-)


Feb-21-2006 12:58

Thanks, Ben. Nothing like a little hard data to bring the voice of reason back to the table. And welcome back!

R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-21-2006 17:01

I am glad this shows that we are about community and helping each other. Not about trying to overwhelm others in hunting.

I like to think we are very good at what we do, and our detectives seem to thrive.

Morley Dotes
Morley Dotes

This reply has been deleted by a Moderator

R Anstett
R Anstett

Mar-19-2006 19:26

just about 4 weeks later and all is well in Sleuthville.

Mojo Enterprises is thriving and doing well.

Other agencies continue to do just as well.

There is a nice three way race to see who can make 200,000 Fame next.

Lots of fun.


Mar-19-2006 20:02


Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Mar-20-2006 10:26

I cant wait until Ben gets my subscription I want to join a agency sooooooooo bad. Hurry up mister postman. I dont have a atm or credit card so had to do snail mail. but I still cant wait.


Mar-20-2006 11:26

Remarkable that you come with this statement Ran. Considering I told you less then 24 hours ago, that there are still a lot of people hurt, and (in the process of) leaving.

Your posts makes me feel very uncomfortable. Why push this thread up?????????????????

Why not just leave it at that, you got your way, despite what other people wanted. Lets just let the people who don't like it, leave the game quietly, they don't want an audience, no need to kick them in the ass on their way out. Give them at least that, and accept their departure.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Mar-20-2006 12:40

I make this statment publicly exactly because of that Jst.

I let this drop a long time ago, I have been working as Director of Mojo Enterprises for over 3 months. We have had a very good time doing so.

I did not bring this topic up in chat, or on the boards, you and others did.

As I said much earlier in this thread, this is something that has happened, and people need to realize that not wanting change is not going to stop it.

Where in my posts have I ever said that I want anyone to leave? That I am forcing people out? I am trying very hard to be INclusive, and not tell people they have to change or leave.

You have chosen to take that post as directed at you and somehow are reading that I want people to leave. If I post or not - if someone is upset with the changes in the game they will leave.

Sleuth needs active players that are willing to help each other out and work together to make the community stronger. Leaving very rarely helps people work together.

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