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Am I going nuts??
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Feb-7-2006 10:09

First of all, these are the kinds of messages I live to my partner at our agency and I think it tells a lot:
Zhi1 H Cl
764*Victor2 H DK
Theodor3 S Cl
Richela4 S K Cl
364*Pearl5 S Cl avant de donner son alibi A (pour avoir vérifier que la PE n'était pas ŕ elle)
348*Petronella6 S Cl A
938*Solomon7 H Cl
9*Tomara8 S K Cl A
Tara9 H Cl

Arrrrgh, that is insane...

Secondly, I think I'm becoming completely paranoid i.e. I truly believe that since the banker is now my contact, none of the suspects were at the bank at the time of the murder and you wouldn't imagine the number of footprints I keep finding on the crime scene

Thirdly, I'm absolutely positive that since I registered, cases have been a lot harder on me.


Please, somebody help me...

Gee... I love this game!



Feb-8-2006 10:27

You do speak French right??? Otherwise I think you might be going nuts!

Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn

Feb-8-2006 11:21

I read that old thread and it is SOOO true! I got the barber for my PE contact and I just did a cse where I had 2 footprints and 2 thread and 3 people had the tailor and 3 had the shoe maker for their alibi.


And as soon as I got the priest for a contact no one uses him anymore, I used to have 1 or more priest alibi almost every case :-(


Feb-8-2006 13:22

I indeed speak French but noneless think I'm uttely going nuts! Welcome to the paranoid club Peter Gunn. I believe we're quite a bunch to have a full membership...

Apple Brain
Apple Brain

Feb-8-2006 20:55

you might just have an unusual fondness for chemistry. doesn't explaint he paranoia though. i have to admit, i used to have the shoemaker as a contact and, swaer to god, got case after case of 3-4 notes.


Feb-9-2006 04:49

See? See? It's a conspiracy!!

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