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names you encounter = strange
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Old Shoe

Jan-19-2006 00:47

ummm k. i really hope this is the place to talk about anything related to SLEUTH, like the sign said, cuz this is pretty random.

anyhow -with all due respect to the maker's efforts to maintain the feeling of the time period being reproduced- it strikes me as funny that in the 8 or so weeks that i've been playing this game, i have NEVER encountered ANYONE named either john or mary

and yet on the other hand I am routinely interrogating people named like Girish Yelverton.

*goes back in time to the roaring twenties and prevents and angry hood wearing mob from harrassing the union of a south asian lass with a very WASPy-type gentleman*

hee hee go periodicy.


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Jun-23-2007 07:38

Once I encountered Oh You Yue

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