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Scripted Mystery

The Ultimate Obsession

by Michael Bagen
Difficulty: Hard
City: Shanghai


A lone killer walks the streets of Shanghai, penetrating the cracks in the coastal city like mist drifting off the sea. Their manner is mysterious and their motive unknown. All that can be said is that they are an unstoppable killer on a path to fulfill their ultimate obsession: power.


I had many reasons to be loyal to Jiang Li Feng. She and her husband had done much for me when I'd first arrived in Shanghai. I'd come to China to escape the corruption and vicious cruelty that had plagued my career in Europe and America. Everywhere I looked, the mobs ran the cities. It made my job nearly impossible and I was tired of bending to the will of madmen. And then I met the Fengs. They'd fed me, housed me, taught me the ways of the twisting labyrinth that is Shanghai's streets. They told me so much...but not what was most important.

I found out that Fai Feng, Jiang Li's husband, owed an amazing monetary debt to the Eastern Triads, a loose collection of nationalized crime syndicates working together throughout the Far East. I found out about it on the day it al...