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Scripted Mystery


by Michael Bagen
Difficulty: Hard
City: Delhi


The death of a diplomat's wife is just the beginning when you seek the face of evil in Delhi's underworld.


The year was 1949, the end of a long decade. People tell me that the decade is really over when the final zero becomes a one, but that's math. The truth always lies behind the science, behind the math, where people's reactions and true nature shows itself. In the world of men the decade ends when you stop saying 'the 40s', a reference synonymous with the Second World War and the end of empires.

India had been part of those empires, a state ruled by the British crown. Now, it was liberated and the people were freed from the affairs of England. But there were always the domestic issues, the crimes and the horrors that didn't come from half-a-world away. There were monsters in Delhi in those days and those evils were more dangerous than anything abroad. While soldiers coo...