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Staged Murder

by jojo227
Difficulty: Intermediate
City: London


Romeo and Juliet: A classic, but it soon becomes classic murder.


Before I begin this tale, there are two things you should know about me. One is that theatre is something I enjoy watching very much. The second is that musical theater is something I enjoy even more.

When I was invited by a dear and close friend of mine, Seann Hull, to come backstage during a performance of his rendition of Romeo and Juliet: The Musical, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. To me, this production was the pinnacle of what I loved most. How many times would I get the chance to actually go backstage? I figured that the possibilities of this happening again were few indeed, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Even more exciting, the musical was being performed at the famous Royal Haymarket Theatre, my favorite venue in London. My anticipation ...