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Heart of Darkness

by Michael Bagen
Difficulty: Really really hard
City: New York


There is a scientist in the city, now lying dead in his laboratory. But the true horror lies not in the man's murder, but in the final, malevolent creation that he left behind.


It was a cold, dark day in the middle of December. The streets were made of ice and everything seemed to steam, the cold stealing whatever was worthwhile in this city. Times like this I wonder about things, about my profession, about the world. Everything happens by night. It brings out the worst in man. Summons those strange demons from the gutters and the alleyways, leading them into the dwellings of others to do their work.

The filth and the night are my world, my office. Every city has two faces, one painted with darkness. On a night, this night, I was tired, overworked, and in the most dire of needs. I'd survived, solved the cases and punished the guilty. Now all I wanted was another pack of smokes and a good night's sleep.

The corner store was out of ...