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Scripted Mystery

Sign of the Cross

by Michael Bagen
Difficulty: Hard
City: New York


Father Nicholas has been murdered, brutally crucified upside down in the church. It is your task to find his murderer. Very soon you discover that there is far more to this crime than meets the eye.


It was late one night and I was getting ready to close up. My secretary had already gone home and I was tired. Everything seemed to swim across my vision. It'd been a long week of hunting cheating husbands and petty thieves, but it paid the bills. Just barely, but it paid them.

Just as my hand hit the knob, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and standing there was Archbishop Chen, a high-up in the church as well as the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood.

"[DetectiveName], I need to speak with you. Is this a bad time?"

Well, if he was coming to me then obviously it was for someone. My own issues of factional loyalty aside, I rarely had much use for religion. If Archbishop Chen needed me, it was clearly a case of sending a heathen to catch one.