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Scripted Mystery

The Science of Murder

by Ben Ringold
Difficulty: Intermediate
City: New York


While probing the dark place where science and ritual meet, Dr. Geoffrey Hash has mysteriously disappeared.


The door closed behind me.

The entry way swirled with dust, and shrill squeaks from unseen rodents accompanied the echoes of my own footsteps as I made my way to the stairs. The vestibule was squalid and musty and I had no intention to linger there at all. It was not at all the kind of place I expected to find when visiting the famous and respected researcher, Dr. Marietta Crile.

I paused to check the address on the scribbled note in my pocket.

Dr. M Crile - Investigate disappearance of partner, Dr. Geoffrey Hash - 1431 B Street - door in back - Voodoo?

The note confirmed this was the correct place, but it also reminded me of the rumors I had heard concerning the missing Dr. Hash, so it did nothing to calm my nerves.