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Sins of the Father

by Heimlich VonVictor
Difficulty: Ridiculously hard
City: New York


A young victim, a grieving mother, a killer on the loose... and did I mention it happened 50 years ago? Take on your father's only unsolved case and try to solve New York's oldest mystery.


Disclaimer: This case may not be appropriate for all players. It contains language and attitudes that reflect a different time in history. It has been presented as such to preserve historical accuracy, but does not represent the views of its author, Hypothetical Software, or its subsidiaries.

I felt a cold breeze rush through my legs. Winter's first snowfall had just started and already the ground was beginning to turn white and frigid. The trees had shed their leaves and swayed back and forth in the wind like skeletal arms reaching for the sky. I heard the rusty squeak of the gate behind me as I looked at the numerous cement monuments in front of me.

The date was December 23rd and I was spending this lovely evening in the largest cemetery i...