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Trouble at the Track

by ShadowChii
Difficulty: Stupendously hard
City: Shanghai


The racetrack always attracted large crowds. Today, people were swarming the place. Everyone wanted to know what happened to the new racehorse, Golden Hoof. This newcomer to the track was set to beat all the usual favorites, until she was found dead in the stables. This wasn't the type of case I usually took on, but the Shanghai public was calling out for justice and I couldn't ignore that.


The racetrack is one of Shanghai's major attractions. It draws crowds from all over the world. When a new horse and jockey ride into town, the stands are packed full and cash flows readily from the pockets of the hopeful and into the hands of the mutual clerk at the betting window.

The big news in town last week was the arrival of Qui Shuing and his chestnut thoroughbred, Golden Hoof. Known for her speed and grace, Golden Hoof had won many smaller stake races in the past. She had never competed in a large-scale race before, but you would never know it by the way the horse stood, tall and proud as so many eyes gazed upon her. Golden Hoof was predicted to rake in big wins in today's upcoming race.

Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from the racetrack offic...