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A Conundrum Almighty

by Phoenix Shadow
Difficulty: Incredibly hard
City: London


The death of a priest in the local parish church sends shockwaves through the community. Is it a simple case of burglary gone wrong, or is something more sinister involved?


I'm not a religious person by nature. As someone who deals in cold hard facts, the issue of faith - believing in something that I can't see or touch - is a difficult one. That said, there have been plenty of times when I have focused more attention on one suspect than the others - with nothing more to go on than the old 'gut feeling' - only to subsequently discover evidence that proved my instinct to be correct.

Does this 'gut feeling' come from somewhere else? Is there a bigger reality in this world of ours than what we can see, feel, hear, smell or taste? Is there - dare I say it - a God or gods watching over us?

I cannot answer these questions myself, and my chosen profession leaves me little time to devote to serious study. But on occasion I do enjoy attending...