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Scripted Mystery

Fiery Streets of London

by ShadowChii
Difficulty: Hard
City: London


Fires have ravaged a local warehouse, leaving behind not much more than ashes. Evidence suggests that this was not a natural disaster, but a fire set by someone with malicious, maybe even murderous, intent. Your client is desperate for help. Can you find the arsonist?


I looked at the stack of papers on my desk and sighed. It would take weeks to sort through all of my bills and loans. I didn't have the money to pay all of them off either. I put my feet up on the desk and leaned back in my chair, trying to think of how I could come up with the cash.

The knock on my door startled me. I got up to open the door, but before I could reach it, a large man with dark, straight hair and glasses invited himself into my office.

"My name is Brian Jameson," he said, handing me his business card.

I read over the card. The man owned a small company called BJ's Transport that sold car parts. The company name sounded familiar. I must have read about it in the news recently.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Jameson?" I asked. ...