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Scripted Mystery

Murder on Sleuthetania

by Rosamund Clifford & Secret_Squirrel
Difficulty: Really hard
City: USS Sleuthetania


A free ticket aboard the newly commissioned ocean liner, Sleuthetania, seems like a dream come true. But dreams are made to be broken... and a blood curdling scream puts pay to yours. A secretive heiress, a Latin lover, a precocious nine-year-old and a little dog named Misty will all play their part in this seafaring mystery. Yes, before this voyage is over you'll wish you'd never left dry land.


I have traveled.

I have flown across the Atlantic in a rickety biplane captained by a drunken Spaniard who claimed he was directly descended from Don Quixote. I have crossed the Sahara on the back of a belligerent camel named Delilah and fought off the Bedouin against a flaming sunset of red and gold. I have made my way across Europe by train from Paris to Prague, from Transylvania to the Tiber.

I have taken the gondola under the Bridge of Sighs. I have bicycled through Shanghai. I have traveled by rickshaw; canoe; zeppelin; the humble automobile, in all its incarnations, and heavens, yes, I have even walked a little!

Yet nothing… nothing… can make my heart sing, and my spirit soar, as a trip aboard that Grand Dame of the Sea, the majestic Ocean...