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Death on The River

by Lawrence Wargrave
Difficulty: Incredibly hard
City: New York


The police have found a body floating in the Hudson. You've been called in to find out who put it there, then bring the murderer to justice. But this is not just a simple case, and the search may take more than you imagine.


It was a normal night in the life of a detective. I had just returned home after finishing a case involving an old flame who, as it turned out, was a murderer. I must say I often don’t understand such people at all. Were they all madmen, unable to make the distinction between good and bad, right and wrong? Or do they hold secret motives that truly justify - at least to them - a horrific murder?

Such thoughts occupied my mind as I walked the city streets, making my way home. Upon arriving, I reached for my favorite bottle of Scotch from the liquor cabinet. Not that there was much else to reach for; a half-bottle of bourbon and some wine that had been a gift and which I had never opened were all that kept the Scotch company.

I was so tired, the glass nearly didnâ€...