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Falcon's Sacrifice

by ShadowChii
Difficulty: Intermediate
City: Shanghai


A reputed cultist was found dead this morning and beside him, Ji Tse-Hue, the only son of the governor of Shanghai. Who killed these two men and why was the governor's son involved with an Ancient Egyptian cult? Tread carefully or the remaining cult members might just send you to the afterlife a little early!


Finally, some time to relax! I had spent all morning in the crime lab, analyzing clues, and the pieces finally fit together. The latest Shanghai murderer was behind bars at last. Case closed.

As I sat down at my desk to enjoy a midday cup of coffee, I flipped through the newspaper. I always kept an eye out for crime reports, especially those relating to murder. That's how I make my living, after all. Nothing caught my eye in today's news, so I tossed the paper aside. I was looking forward to seeing tomorrow's article on my latest triumph over crime.

Even after tossing out today's newspaper, my desk was still a cluttered mess. I filed away some notes from an old case, then drained my coffee cup before getting to work cleaning up.

As I was crumpling up ...