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Scripted Mystery

The Unwanted Guest

by Lawrence Wargrave
Difficulty: Intermediate
City: New York


A meeting has been set up at a friend's house, but someone has something more in mind than chat. The solving of this case now lays on your hands.


"What an ugly night," I thought as I sat on the train, looking out at the cold, damp sky. I had been invited by one of my old friends from college, Charles Keel, to visit with him at his house. He was planning to organize a meeting with some of our old college friends, to visit and talk about the good old days.

The rain was petering out as I got off at the station nearest Charles' home. As I approached, I took a good look at the outside of the place. It was a very nice house and looked as sturdy as a fortress. A knock on the door and it opened, a middle-aged maid holding the doorknob. She swung the door open wider in invitation to enter. "Please, come in. Mr. Keel is awaiting you in the front parlour."

I walked slowly and glanced in doors while I made my way to t...