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Scripted Mystery

Miss Village's Fate.

by Stooby
Difficulty: Hard
City: London


I was looking forward to a relaxing summer day at the local village fete. Things got sticky, though, when I agreed to judge the homemade jams competition. Somebody was determined to ensure five times winner, Miss Village, wouldn’t be raising the winner's trophy again… ever again.


An old friend, Brian Philips, asked me along to a village fete on the outskirts of London. We had been good friends at college and that continued into our professional lives. He lived there, I in London. We regularly met to discuss our respective careers; he was a vet and me... well, a Sleuth, of course!

I had the month before tracked down a notorious master criminal, my name was all over the papers and my fame, although I was sure it would be short-lived, was guaranteed to give me celebrity status at low key events like the fete.

I had been asked by the Chairman of the village committee, Harold Darcy, to judge the jam making contest this year. No small honour, I was assured. Well, who was I to argue? The directors of my agency guaranteed no interruptions on...