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Scripted Mystery

An Unconscious Murder

by Jojo
Difficulty: Ridiculously hard
City: New York


Black. All. Black. Darkness. Warning: This Featured Mystery contains some mature and explicit content


Let's pretend for one second that I'm not crazy.


A minute; just a minute.


I'll need more time than that.

An hour, just an hour. That's all the time I need. Just enough to tell my story.

This part of the story I call "Therapy."

"So you're not sure how you ended up on the floor next to the washbasin?"

I thought. I hadn't any recollection of how I'd gotten there. Just that I had.

"Mmno," I replied.

"I see." He thumbed through the papers in front of him. "We're going to try a new technique."

He laid me on my back, my head tilted up just slightly by means of an embroidered pi...