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Cry 'Wolf'... 'Werewolf'!

by ShadowChii
Difficulty: Incredibly hard
City: Delhi


Delhi is in a panic. Werewolves are attacking the populace! As a logical, reasoning detective, you know werewolves aren't real, but you're going to have a tough time convincing others of that ...


A midnight murder had struck the town into a panic.

I had solved more than a few cases around Delhi before, had quite a reputation, so when my door was flung open and three women literally fell into my office, it was business as usual.

“Werewolves!” one of them cried out. “Werewolves are attacking the town at night!”

“Calm down,” I instructed her. “You know werewolves aren't real.”

“There's a dead man in the alley,” another woman told me. “He was slashed apart by razor sharp claws. No human could have done that!”

I wasn't buying this supernatural werewolf crap. “Look, if you want to hire me, you're going to have to stop spouting nonsense. I just want the cold, hard facts.” The third lady hadn't sa...