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Scripted Mystery

A Hand That Kills

by Rosamund Clifford
Difficulty: Really hard
City: Cairo


When you're asked by a pirate queen to solve a murder, how do you say no? Racing against time, you chase a killer from the catacombs under the Great Pyramids to Cairo's busy city streets. If you lose the trail... you may just lose your life.


Not for the first time, I turned the scrap of paper with its crudely drawn arrows around in my hands. And, also not for the first time, I did a complete 'about face' and headed off in the direction I'd just come from. In the flickering half light of a failing lamp I drew a few none too hasty conclusions as I stumbled down another dank and slippery corridor.

Conclusion 1. I was undoubtedly lost, and had been for hours. Conclusion 2. followed neatly, I couldn't read a map to save my life! And lastly, but by no means the least of my litany of woes, Conclusion 3. I had been duped.

Perhaps that was the worst of it. A mysterious envelope appears on your desk; inside, instructions to retrieve an important package - secret plans no less - from the catacombs under the pyr...