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Scripted Mystery

A Diplomatic Debacle

by AmazingAmanda253
Difficulty: Really hard
City: Shanghai


I'm not sure what was more surprising: that I was attending an international diplomatic conference, or that I was waiting tables instead of solving crimes. Just about the only thing predictable about the whole event was that somebody ended up poisoned. Unfortunately for me, I was the one pouring drinks.


His face began to pale.

He slumped and fell onto the table; the water glass he had been holding shattered on the floor.

Ice cubes sparkled like crystal gems on the intricately woven carpet.

So bloody picturesque.


Now I’ll explain how I got into this fix.

It was Monday, my least favorite day of the week. A recent acquaintance who was high up in the Chinese Diplomatic Corp needed me to do a favor for him. I knew the drill. Favors were part of the business. I pulled out my notebook.

“Who was murdered?”

He put down his tea cup. “Murdered?” he said quizzically.

“I thought…” He cut me off.

“It’s not a case.” He sipped his tea. “There ...