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Murder in Manhattan

by Buggles2000
Difficulty: Easy
City: New York


Even the police have enough sense to realize Jonathan Drake's death was no accident. Besides, there are easier ways to commit suicide than removing the brake cable from your own car...


There was no question in anyone's mind that Jonathan Drake had died when his car went off the road into a ravine. Likewise, there was no question that it had not been an accident.

An investigation of his car after the crash had revealed that the brake cable had been removed.

At 27, Jonathan Drake had already made a fortune running his deceased father's company. He made more money each year than most people made in a lifetime. He'd just bought 'another' brand-new car. He was about to get married. He'd had everything to live for.

Besides, who commits suicide by sabotaging his own brand-new car? Even the police had enough sense to figure out that one.

So when Drake's fiancee Mildred Lawton walked into my office, I knew exactly what she ...