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Wheel of Misfortune

by Adam Carter
Difficulty: Incredibly hard
City: New York


An unwilling courier is found dead just an hour after handing you the most unusual letter you've ever received. So begins a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, where a wrong answer could cost someone their life...


I was wishing I was having a slow day; the almost never-ending deluge of 'potential' clients made my head ache. If it wasn't somebody looking for help locating a missing cat, it was a nutcase who wanted me to find out who the voices in his head were. Then there was a guy who claimed his wallet had been stolen, and when I asked him for a retainer, he whipped it out to pay me. It even took him a couple of seconds to realise it.

I was busy having a well-earned break, taking a sip from what must have been my fifth Scotch of the day, and thinking about the highlight of my week. It was a murder case, pretty standard as far as detective work goes. For the police it was a clear cut case: the guy had shot himself. There was even a suicide note, outlining his gambling debts. But his wif...