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Scripted Mystery

New Year's Misfortune

by ShadowChii
Difficulty: Intermediate
City: London


It's New Year’s Day and Katie Delimm lies dead, the victim of a horrible car crash. On the surface it might be just another holiday accident, but the dark truth is belied by her terrified sister and the involvement of a mysterious gang known as the Bloody Claw.


Most people enjoy a day off on New Year's but the holidays have always been good for business, if your business is murder.

I received the phone call around ten in the morning, January 1st.

"Hello, detective? My name is Alexandra Delimm. I'm sorry to be calling during the holidays, but this is urgent."

"Yes, I understand," I replied. "Why don't you come over to my office and we can discuss it?"

"No..." she started to protest. "I don't want to meet in person. I'm afraid of what might happen."

I didn't understand what she was getting at. "Care to elaborate?"

"Not right now. Will you please just agree to take the case?"

"Okay," I said, hesitantly. "What can you tell me about this case?"