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Child's Play

by Helena Isaac
Difficulty: Really hard
City: New York


Ravenna Claw is missing. Is she a little girl, stolen away from a loving father, or a rebellious young woman, fleeing to follow her heart?


It all started when I went to Sami's that night. The weather had turned humid and unseasonably warm, so the restaurant was packed with people who were unwilling to light their stoves for dinner.

I walked in and spotted Sami's silver head right off. It was rare to see him in the restaurant these days, what with his wife being so ill. Luckily Sami saw me too, and asked me to join him at his table. If not for that I would've been sharing the curb with the paperboy.

I ordered the specialty of the house, grilled lamb chops and a glass of red wine, and settled back with the cigarette Sami offered me. Sami's liver-spotted hands shook as he lit my smoke. I took that as a sign that things were hard all around for him. I tried prying, but finally took the hint tha...