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Scripted Mystery

Doomsayer: The Gift

by Michael Bagen
Difficulty: Stupendously hard
City: Delhi
You must complete Doomsayer: Killers to unlock this mystery.


The Final Reckoning looms as three people seek to unravel the mystery of the Doomsayers and their insidious plans.


The two assassins, Ignatius Krupp of the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood and Xi Shi of the Mist Walkers, both traveled to Delhi. But neither would be my companion on the trip. I assumed they both had their reasons so I didn't argue. In all honesty, I didn't like the idea of traveling with a group of elite killers too much. But when I got off the plane, sure as the sun would rise and it would be a scorcher, Ignatius was waiting for me.

"Ignatius," I said plainly, "Have you heard from Xi Shi yet?"

"No. I'm assuming that she's either abandoned us, has her own means of transit, or is up to something. In any event, she has not made contact. Have you given any thought to our quest, detective?"

"Yes. First, we need to discover what these Doomsayers reall...