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Scripted Mystery

Doomsayer: Killers

by Michael Bagen
Difficulty: Really hard
City: London
You must complete Doomsayer: The Prisoner to unlock this mystery.


Terrence Zorn is a hunted man, and now a captive of unknown enemies. But there is more to his kidnapping than simple revenge. The great killers of the underworld have been summoned, and all will not survive.


We were halfway across the North Atlantic before Zorn finally started to spill his guts. He'd already sprung for our entire trip in spite of my offer to make a comfortable boat ride out of the trip. I don't like airplanes. I never have. But according to him, speed was of the essence. When he started talking, I understood why.

"What did you find, Terrence?"

"Not here," he said.

"Terrence, we're a mile up in the air over international waters. This is about as safe as we can get, this side of the moon!" I looked around and confirmed that indeed there were only three men on the plane, the pilot, co-pilot, and navigator. Where Zorn had gotten the money for a flight like this was beyond me.

"Look, I was looking into the factions. I...