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Doomsayer: The Prisoner

by Michael Bagen
Difficulty: Hard
City: New York


Domino Walker has escaped from prison. Find his accomplice and you will find him. But finding him will require an odd bit of help from a certain shady character and ultimately, when you get your man, you will find far more is at stake than you originally thought.


I'd seen the headline a thousand times before, but this time something stuck:

"Investigative reporter kidnapped"

Terrence Zorn, the city's most kidnappable reporter, had vanished again. Who could it be? The mob, perhaps? Or just a person misquoted, misspelled, or otherwise annoyed by Zorn's professional leanings. Something caught my attention this time, though, and I read the story.

"Reports claim that Mr. Zorn, a reporter for the Times, was walking home when he was followed into an alleyway, from which he never emerged. Police are baffled."

Sewer, I thought. The cops never had the imagination for jobs like this. I made a mental note to inform them of this later on, but for now I had another bit of business to take care of....