The Battery Boardwalk Expansion - 8 April 2017

Sleuth Home - Agencies - Ascent of the Phoenix

Rising like a Phoenix from ashes, agents from two of Sleuth's most notorious agencies, Dawn of the Dead and TAFKADD, come together to form a new agency. We've been through a trial by fire. And we have risen above it.

Founded: Jul 14 2016
Home City: Delhi
Headquarters: Victorian Conservatory
Fame: 92860
Treasures Found: 40

Director AspenK (Delhi)
Director Ms Helen (Delhi)
Director Autumnsprings (Delhi)
Officer Sophie4 (Cairo)
Officer Sleuthbot (Delhi)
Officer Marissa Peterson (Delhi)
Officer jroepel (New York)
Agent Jintan (New York)
Rookie Alesana (New York)