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Christmas Case
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Dec-14-2005 02:38

Incredibly hard favour called:
The Case where Santa got killed
Motive: forget 2 birthdays in a row.

- Client: Saint Nick, best friend
- Ronald McDonald, loan shark
- Chucky cheese, loan shark
- Condaleca Rice, laon shark
- Giant Armadillo, loan shark
- Terrence Zorn, loan shark
- Michael Jackson, alledgedly likes to accompany santa a lot.


Holly Red
Holly Red

Dec-23-2005 19:31

that is knda perverted that santa woulkd be gay.

Sam Average
Sam Average

Feb-6-2006 14:33

Huh, what are you on about? Michael just likes to tag along because Santa goes round visiting children when they are in bed and gives them 'presents'.

However... that's even more perverted. >.<

R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-6-2006 18:30

Am thinking that JSTKDN had to quit this one to avoid another visit to Shady

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