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'Go on, show us your Charms!'
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Sir James
Sir James

Jul-28-2004 04:53

In a corner of the Gumshoe Lounge, located in an airy wing of City Hall, Sir James lies on one of the incliners smoking a cigar and sipping his whiskey.
There are several spots available on the sofa's around the glass salon table.
You walk over and sit down.
'Go on, show us your Charms!' Sir James exclaims offering you a cigar and drink.


Eleanor Harker
Eleanor Harker

Aug-7-2004 10:32

Although Eleanor was in so much pain, she didn't show it, she kept calm and cool:"Revenge is a meal best served cold. gunn should have finished me off, now he is in deep trouble!!! Thank you guys for your help, gunn might hide now behind a cool name now but that "thumb up, always combing his hair" attitude doesn't fool me nor you. I'm stuck in here, they told me they want to keep me overnight so there is a favour I need to ask, when "Frosty...hem...Fonzie shot me he knew I was going to meet someone, sorry I cannot disclose what I know yet, all in good time, be patient, but I need to put my hands on a vital piece of information. Please I need you to go to the Tricky minster for me and meet with know the guy I'm talking about, he must have sorted you out once or twice so far, don't give him any money he has been well paid for. Ask for a red envelope and when he asks about the weather just answer that it's raining cats and dogs, he'll understand. One last thing DO NOT OPEN the envelope under any circustances!!! Tell Elsey to watch her back. Now I need to be alone, things to do, plans to make and a lesson to give to certain "I still live in the fifties" !!!!"

Vin Riddick
Vin Riddick

Aug-7-2004 21:21

Vin being the Fearless one (or dumb) Volunteers to do that favor. She Leaves Elenor and goes to the Tricky Mister, Tells the Shady guy what he needs to hear and leaves the Bar with the Envelope. She was about to enter the Hospital when she was Gagged from behind and thrown into a vehicle that drove off into the night. What they didn't see was the Red Envelope that slipped from her grasp befor they drove off.


Aug-8-2004 08:44

Dudgeon goes about, walking along the streets of Sleuth City, wondering what the hell just went on. He happens by the hospital and sees an envelope sitting on the ground. Wondering what it is, he picks it up and opens it. Upon seeing the contents, he passes out.


Aug-9-2004 00:05

Elsey, Sir James and Marni drive up to a cold Dudgeon.
"He REALLY can't hold his drink," quips Sir James. He gets out of the car and drags Dudgeon in.

"What's that red envelope?" asks Elsey

Marni looks to see what she's talking about, then gets out of the car, grabs the opened envelope and hands it to Elsey. Marni jumps back into the car right on top of Dudgeon. "oops," She says, "I'm not used to these left hand drive things.." and with that gets in the right side of the car, not meaning the RIGHT side, but the correct side, well atleast the side the steering wheel's on, and takes off.
Dudgeon murmers something about aliens invading his chest cavity, then is heard no more.

Elsey suddenly gasps...

Vin Riddick
Vin Riddick

Aug-9-2004 12:28

" What is it?" asks Marni.
" It's a list of Names" Says Elsey "With the word Die next to them."

Marnie grabs the Envelope.

Marnie - Die
SirJames - Die
Vin Die- Die tonight
Alex- Already Dead
Elenor- Die

"oh my God! Has anyone seen Vin. Wasn't she suppose to go and get this envelope for Eleanor?' Marnie asks.

"Yes she was, But we found this Envelope on the ground next to Him." Elsey says pointing at a passed out dudgeon.

" THis must mean she has already Been Taken. We have to find her."

Meanwhile across town in an old rundown house Vin wakes up groggy and her hands are tied behind her Back, her mouth is gagged and her feet are bound.

" Hello Vin Riddick, I have been waitng for you to wake" Says a Low Voice"


Aug-9-2004 12:36

Dudgeon wakes up to a gaggle of people standing near him. He blinks hard a couple of times, clearing his mind. Upon remebering what has occurred, he stands up and moves to join the group.

As he begins walking over to the group, no one notices him. He doesn't know it, but coming up unannounced behind them at the moment is not the wisest of ideas. He does not know that they had just seen the list that he was carrying earlier. Seeing as he hasn't talked in awhile, his voice is a little deeper and a little slower than normal.

"Hey Everyone..."

Surprised by the voice behind them, both Elsey and Sir James turn around quickly and on instinct throw their right fists. Just before Dudgeon is hit, he thinks to himself, "Wow. This is really not my day."

He falls to the curb, now with a split lip and black eye. Amazingly enough, however, he still looks exactly like Sir James.

Figuring out what has just happened, the group comes over to see Dudgeon.

Marnie asks, "Are you ok?"

"No, not really. I'm not quite sure I really deserved that."

Elsey replies, "We're sorry. We just picked up that folder you were carrying earlier and saw the contents. You suprised us."

Dudgeon says, "yes. the folder. I remember now. What are we going to do about it?"

The detectives look at each other....

sweet lil angel
sweet lil angel

Aug-9-2004 16:07

dudgeon (still trying to get his lip to stop bleeding) looks around,' well? any bright ideas?'

sweet walks up, realizing that something major is going on, she grabs the red envelope. 'hmmmm, well at least my name wasn't on this! but i would say we should probly follow marnies last suggestion and go find her or else.......' her voice trails off, not wanting to finish the sentence.

then she and the group turn to go find vin, only after helping dudgeon off the ground.

Sir James
Sir James

Aug-9-2004 17:36

As the troupe troupes through town, soon it becomes apparent that they have no clue where Vin can be found.
Vin, who at precisely that moment is being held in a converted bank somewhere in town, comes to her senses only to see a shady character, whom she later describes as being definetly not Ben, why do you ask?, give her some kind of injection, passes out again.
In a moment of clarity (the bleeding has stopped) Dudgeon wonders out loud:
"Wait a minute, Eleanor knew about the contents of the envelope, but her name is still on the bottom of the list. On the other hand, Vin vixenly voluteered to fetch the folder. Fonzie is still our prime suspect, but I am thinking we shouldn't eliminate other suspects at this moment."
Everyone starts talking at once:
"YWohuat surely doan'otreyou tmaelakn?ing about?"
And is silent for a moment...
"Please, do go ahead"
They all say simultaneously, showing their charms.
"No, you go ahead"
Again together

After a short struggle, it becomes apperent that everyone is quite appalled at the notion of multiple suspects, they like their cases clean and simple. Of course no one present has not seen cases where it was that simple, they just would like them to be that simple, but the comments of Dudgeon have brought them to their senses and everyone starts thinking their own thoughts about who could be the elusive serial killer besides the Fonz...

sweet lil angel
sweet lil angel

Aug-9-2004 18:52

or better yet who could be helping the serial killer! as they continue down the one very long street of sleuth city, conversing about who could be apart of this sinister plot, everyone jumps about three feet in the air when they hear a gun shot! but lo! it seems to come from that very sinister looking converted bank acrossed the street! what sinister person could be lurking behind that sinster looking door? they all turn to go find out.

as sweet kneels down to use her lockpicking skills on the lock they are all surprised when the door swings open, as it was left slightly adjar........

Vin Riddick
Vin Riddick

Aug-9-2004 23:26

Meanwhile, During the time Dudgeon got hit in the mouth and Eye, Vin realizes the rope holding her wrists began to losen from the momentom of trying to losen the rope. 'Thank god for small wrists' she thinks to herself. The person that had been talking to her got up slowly and took out a gun.

" It's time for you to join the Blue Heavens."

" I'mgootou" Vin says. The Gag was making her mouth super dry.

" What," says the voice and steps forward out of the shadows. Vins mouth went even dryer when she saw who it was. 'It wasn't whom they expected' was the first thought that went through her mind.
The person came over and ungagged her.

"What did you say?"

" I said I am going to kill you." Vin Said with a shout at just that moment her hands became free. She jumped up and they struggled for the gun. It went off right by Vins ear. 'well great now I am deaf' said a voice in her head. Vin ripped the gun out of the persons hands and hit the person over the head, the person Passed out instantly. She heard voices coming from the front door and the unmistakable sound of Lock Picking. She ran to it and threw opened the door.

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