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I dreamt about Sleuth!
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Naomi Hong
Naomi Hong

Nov-7-2005 19:25

This is how you know you're really addicted to Sleuth.

Yes, I dreamt about Sleuth the other night... in particular, that I was given a +9 toughness hat! I think it was called a 'Smart Bowler' or something.

Now if only that were true...



Mar-17-2007 07:55

I had a great one last night.

A few days ago Biggie and I were talking about how I work from home, so I am able to check on Sleuth, hunts, etc. often. So of course, she totally envied my situation and wished she could work for me. So I told her, that would be awsome, blah blah blah.

Last night I dreamt that she moved down here and I hired her, and we got one of those partner's desks and she and I worked together with "frequent" (read: all the time) Sleuth breaks! Man, it was awsome!

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